Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Daftar lagu korea pilihan 한국 노래 


01 Hands Up
02 Electricity
03 Give It To Me
04 영화처럼
05 모르니
06 Hot
07 Without U
08 I’ll Be Back
09 I Can’t
10 Hands Up (East4A mix)
11 Electricity (220v mix)
12 Thank You
13 Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

 list lagu: 

01 Don`t Stop Can`t Stop
02 Without U
03 마자
04 목숨을 건다
05 Without U (Explorer Mix)
06 Space 마자 

01 My Heart
02 Heartbeat
03 기다리다 지친다 (Tired of Waiting)
04 너에게 미쳤었다 (I Was Crazy About You)
05 Gimme The Light
06 Back 2U
07 All Night Long
08 Heartbeat (Red Light Mix)
09 10점 만점에 10점 (10/10)
10 Only you (Acoustic Mix)
11 Again & Again
12 니가밉다 (Hate You) (Lounge Mix)
13 돌아올지도 몰라 (Don't Know If She Might Come Back) (Bossa Nova Mix)

Super Junior 

7 Years Of Love
A Man In Love
All My Heart
Are You Ready
At Least I Still Have You
Be My Girl
Blue Tommorow
Bonamana (Japanese Version)
Can It Be Love
Chagunchagun (Way for Love)
Chotnuni (First Snow)
Cooking? Cooking!
Dancing Out
Disco Drive
Don't Don
Endless Moment
Eungkyeol (Coagulation)
Feels Good
First Snow
Geugotppoonieyo (Just You)
Good Friends
Good Luck
Goul (Mirror)
Han Sarammaneul
Happy Together
Hate U, Love U (Miwuh)
I Am
It's You
I'm Your Man
Just For Today (I'm Your Man)
Keep In Touch
Let's Not
Love U More
Lovely Day
Marry U
Midnight Fantasy
Missin' U
Mr Simple
Mr Simple (English Version)
My All Is In You
My Everything (Lee Donghae)
My Love, My Kiss, My Heart
Na Gateunguhn Eoptneun Guhngayo
Na Gatheun Gon Obnun Gongayo
No Other
No Other (English Version)
One Love
Our Love
Pajama Party
Red Sun
Rock This House
Ryeowook Honesty
Sapphire Blue (Sowuhni Innayo)
Shake It Up!
She Wants It
She's Gone (Sarangi Dduhnada)
Shining Star
Show Me Your Love
Show Me Your Love Feat Dong Bang Shin Ki
Snow Dream
So I
Song For You
Sorry Sorry
Sorry Sorry Answer
Thank You
The Moment
The One
The One I Love
The Sweetest Name (Choi Siwon feat Vaness Wu)
Tic Toc
Twins (Knockout)
U (Mandarin)
Way For Love
What If
White Christmas
Why I Like U
Wo Bao Zhe Wo
Wonder Boy
Wonder Boy (English Version)
You And I
You Are The One
You're My Endless Love


1. Get Moving (Intro)
2. P.U.B (Title)
3. This Time is Over (Single)
4. So Bad Bad
5. Single Night
6. Oh-Eh
7. Don’t Stay Here
8. Tease Me
9. Beautiful Target” (Runway Remix)
10. O.K (Hot Spot Mix)


2.Don't Leave
3.Day By Day
4.Bo Peep Bo Peep 
5.I'm Really Hurt You
6.We Were In Love
7.Lovely Dovy
9.seeya,davichi,t-ara wonder woman

  SNSD (girls generation) 
1. Gee – SNSD
2. My Best Friend – SNSD
3. Baby-Baby – SNSD
4. Be Happy! – SNSD
5. Because I’am A Girl – SNSD
6. Beginning – SNSD
7. Boyfriend – SNSD
8. Chocolate Love – SNSD
9. Complete – SNSD
10. Cooky! – SNSD
11. Day By Day – SNSD
12. Dear Mom – SNSD
13. Destiny – SNSD
14. Echo! – SNSD
15. Etude – SNSD
16. My Child – SNSD
17. Forever – SNSD
18. Fun (Sweet Talking Baby) – SNSD
19. Gee versi Jepang – SNSD
20. Girlfriend – SNSD
21. Girls ‘ Generation – SNSD
22. Hahaha – SNSD
23. Honey –SNSD
24. Hoot – SNSD
25. Into The New World – SNSD
26. Kissing You – SNSD
27. Kissing You versi Remix – SNSD
28. Mabinogi (It’s Fantastic!) – SNSD
29. Merry Go Round – SNSD
30. Mistake – SNSD
31. Motion – SNSD
32. OH! – SNSD
33. Ooh La La! – SNSD
34. Run Devil Run – SNSD
35. Show! Show! Show! – SNSD
36. Snowy Wish – SNSD
37. Sorry Sorry – SNSD
38. Star Star Star –SNSD
39. Stick With You – SNSD
40. Talk To Me – SNSD
41. Tell Me Your Wish (GENIE) – SNSD
42. Tell Me Your Wish (GENIE) versi Jepang – SNSD
43. Tinkerbell – SNSD
44. Visual Dream – SNSD
45. Wake Up – SNSD
46. Way To Go! –SNSD

   Lagu SNSD feat
1.Cabi Song (SNSD Feat.2PM)
2.One Year Later (Jessica SNSD Feat.Onew SHINee)
3.Finally Now (Sunny SNSD – Ost.Story of Wine)
4.My Doll (Sunny SNSD – Ost.Oh My Lady!)
5.Good Bye Days (Taeyeon SNSD)
6.I Have A Lover (Taeyeon SNSD)
7.Iam Not Alone (Taeyeon SNSD)
8.Love Love Love (Taeyeon SNSD Feat.Epik High)
9.If (Taeyeon SNSD)
10.L.O.V.E (Taeyeon SNSD)
11.Like A Star (Taeyeon SNSD Feat. The One)
12.I’am Alone (Tiffany SNSD –Ost.Princess Jang Myung Go)
13.It’s Love (Sunny SNSD Feat.Taeyeon SNSD – Ost.Heading The Ground)
14.You Don’t Know About Love (Sunny SNSD – Ost.Working Mom)
15.Boys And Girls (SNSD Feat.Key SHINee)
16.Seoul Song (SNSD Feat.Super Junior)
17.Can You Hear Me (Taeyeon SNSD – Ost.Beethoven Virus)
18.You Bring Me Joy (Taeyeon SNSD Feat.The One)
19.Sarang in Gulyo (Taeyeon SNSD Feat. Sunny SNSD – Ost.Heading The Ground)
20.You Don’t Know About Love (Sunny SNSD – Ost.Working Mom)
21.Banji (Tiffany SNSD – Ost Haru)
22.A Girl Meets Love (Tiffany SNSD Feat.K.Will)